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For a century, Volkswagen has endeavored to give drivers safe, reliable transportation by outfitting its models with the latest protective features. As automotive technology as evolved from passive features to active prevention systems, the VW vehicles at Gossett VW of Germantown continue to keep drivers safe in Memphis, Tennessee.

Standard safety tech on every new Volkswagen

  • Airbags: Don't underestimate the protective value of a quality airbag. A split-second delay or a failure to deploy can be disastrous during a crash. Volkswagen places the airbags in strategic positions throughout every model to protect passengers from all sides. 
  • Electronic Stabilization Program: A loss of control while driving can result in a collision or rollover. The ESP system automatically applies the brakes to keep your vehicle on course when crossing slippery surfaces so you don't spin left or right. 
  • Anti-lock Braking System: The ABS also helps avoid skidding by manipulating your VW car's brakes. Rapidly applying and releasing them keeps the wheels from locking up so you can still maneuver the car when you start sliding on the road.
  • Rear-view camera: Watch a live video feed of the area behind your Volkswagen when you shift the car into reverse. This technology has become required in all U.S. vehicles since 2018, so you can find 
  • SOFIX: Volkswagen developed what has become the international standard for securing car seats. Unlike the popular LATCH system that uses tethers to secure child seats, ISOFIX fastens using metal anchor arms. This design makes them more secure than seatbelt-anchored seats, which can be dangerously flexible when jolted. 

Groundbreaking IQ.DRIVE features for driving assistance

These systems work in tandem to provide a semi-automated driving experience, providing steering and speed support when you drive in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: Old-fashioned cruise control will maintain your speed even as you approach another car. Intelligent ACC slows down and speeds up your Volkswagen automatically based on if the system detects traffic ahead of you. That way, you always keep a safe following distance. 
  • Active Blind Spot Monitor: You don't have to look over your shoulder anymore to see if a car is in your blind spot. ABSM alerts you of obstacles to your left and right on the road and will intervene if you steer too close to them.
  • Rear Traffic Alert: Sometimes a backup camera isn't enough when you're moving in reverse. Rear Traffic Alert actively monitors for passing cars, pedestrians, or obstructions behind your Volkswagen. If you don't react, the brakes slam on automatically. 
  • Front Assist: Many fender-benders happen because a driver isn't paying attention ahead of them. Front Assist always keeps its eyes on the road and alerts you when you're at risk of hitting another car or pedestrian. If you have slow reflexes, the car will brake automatically. 
  • Emergency Assist: What happens when you lose control of your Volkswagen and you start veering erratically? Emergency Assist kicks in. It can tell when you're not steering the car properly and will bring the vehicle to a stop so you don't wind up in a collision or spinning off the road.
  • Lane Assist: IQ.DRIVE is even smart enough to read the lines on the road to know the edges of your lane. If you cross over the boundaries, your Volkswagen will curb that drifting and counter-steer you back to the center. 

You can find the latest VW safety technologies as optional features on the newest Taos, Tiguan, Atlas, and other models for sale at Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown. Visit our Memphis car dealership to learn how your daily commute to work can be safer in the driver's seat of a new Volkswagen.

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