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Service FAQ: Common Questions About Vehicle Service in Memphis, TN

Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown Memphis TN

Whether you purchased your car from Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown or another dealership in Memphis, Tennessee, our service department wants to make your ownership experience simple. We're ready to answer any of your questions about vehicle maintenance, including these common queries.

Q: How often does my car need an oil change?

Volkswagen officially recommends getting new motor oil every year or 10,000 miles, but that depends on how frequently you drive, the conditions you're driving in, the age of the vehicle, and how often you start the car for only short distances. Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown recommends that you schedule an oil change for your Volkswagen twice every year to keep the fluid fresh and flowing smoothly. Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown makes oil changes a breeze when you schedule at our service center.

Q: Why are engine oil changes so important for my car?

We're often asked this question here at Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown. It can seem excessive to have your car's oil replaced multiple times every year. But, you need to take this maintenance seriously; it's the most important service your car needs!

Your car relies on its engine to run, and the engine won't run properly if the motor oil has become dirty or deficient. Oil keeps the moving parts lubricated and gathers up gunk left behind by repeated small explosions in the combustion process. Contaminated motor oil will cause the engine to overheat, seize, and break. You don't want that to happen to your VW Passat or Atlas!

Q: Why is the check engine light on?

There are many reasons why this dashboard warning light could have appeared. The check engine alert is a broad indicator that covers a myriad of issues. It may be something as simple as the gas cap being loose or as major as the transmission failing. The only way to tell for sure what the issue is to have a certified mechanic plug a diagnosis tool into the car and read the code. Our technicians at Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown have the tools needed to identify the issue that triggered the check engine light.

Q: Do electric cars require more or less maintenance?

Electric vehicles like the VW ID.4 and ID.Buzz don't have combustion engines that require gasoline, spark plugs, pistons, and other such parts. Without these moving parts that need constantly cleaned and lubricated with fresh motor oil, electric vehicles need far less maintenance. You don't need seasonal oil changes to drain sludge from the engine or refill other fluids.

Electric cars still need some maintenance though, especially tire rotations and wheel alignments. Brake inspections are also necessary but not as frequently since regenerative braking does more work to slow the vehicle down than the pads and rotors do. The biggest maintenance cost is a new battery, which typically occurs after the vehicle passes 100,000 miles or 10 years.

Q: Why does my car need a tire rotation?

One maintenance need that all cars have - electric or gasoline - is a tire rotation twice every year. The position of each tire on the vehicle causes them to wear unevenly. To balance out the wear, we have to swap the tires around to different sides and axles. This will prolong the lifespan of the tires by ensuring certain spots don't rupture prematurely.

Q: Do my tires need air even if they don't look flat?

That depends on the air pressure level in the tire, which you cannot determine simply by looking at the wheels. You need to use a tool to gauge the air level of each tire before deciding if more air should be added. Check the sticker on your car's door jamb for the target PSI, and then add or release air from the tire as needed to achieve that amount.

Q: How often should I clean my car?

Driving here in Memphis, your car can quickly become dirty from pollution, road slop, and tree and animal droppings. Unless you want to lose the beautiful paint job on your Volkswagen Tiguan or Jetta, you need to wash it frequently. We recommend taking your car through a drive-thru car wash every season to scrub off the filth atop and underneath it. If you drive through mud and really soil it, don't wait for a wash - get one right away! Have it waxed for extra protection while you're at it.

Don't let vehicle maintenance stress you out! Gossett Volkswagen of Germantown makes ownership a breeze with our convenient scheduling system, flexible appointment hours, and simple drop-off process. Contact our service center for details.